Point-of-Use Testing Today


Many of today’s commercially available point-of-use testing systems utilize small fluid volumes, but still use the same complex handling steps that are used in a typical benchtop workflow.


This leads to systems that are specialized for just one type of test. For point-of-use testing, this means detecting different analytes or conducting different assays you need many different machines.

A True Microfluidic System


Fluxergy’s testing system is revolutionary in its design, making use of true microfluidic liquid handling. A single device can handle a variety of assays.


By utilizing PCB manufacturing techniques, the Fluxergy Card is truly a low cost, disposable microfluidic device. The test card can be integrated with onboard electronics, unique geometries, IC systems, and of course, fluid handling and manipulation.


With all the flexibility of the Fluxergy Card, the Fluxergy Analyzer is simply a sensor system, capable of communicating with and taking precise measurements of the Fluxergy Card. Measurements such as fluorescence microscopy, voltage potential, thermal mapping and more are all possible with the Fluxergy Analyzer.

A platform for the future of diagnostics

By utilizing the Fluxergy system’s versatility and multi-sensing capabilities, any assay of your dreams is possible. The Fluxergy Card and associated buffers support this functionality by accommodating most test chemistries.

Work with our Applications lab to translate your innovation to the field. The Fluxergy system is an open platform built for rapid implementation.

Join our Beta Program today to start testing with one of our many field ready assays.


The Fluxergy system works by utilizing a modular design in both the analyzer and test card. The Fluxergy Analyzer is simply a highly sophisticated sensor system which can analyze the assay specific Fluxergy Cards. Each test card contains the necessary assay specific components for a particular assay to be completed (e.g. PCR, chemistry, immunochemistry, cytometry) including reagents, and mechanical components such as heat blocks, measurement electrodes, optics, etc. More information can be found HERE or feel free to contact us HERE.

For PCR reactions, we handle sample prep through our proprietary on card sample handling and buffer solution. This eliminates the need for costly and error prone manual sample preparation. Raw sample can be simply mixed with the analyte specific buffer and pipetted into the Fluxergy Card.

By using a highly modular system, Fluxergy’s device is capable of conducting a variety of assay modalities including: PCR, Chemistry, Immunochemistry, and Cytometry based assays.

Currently Fluxergy is focusing on releasing PCR based assays first, and the comprehensive test menu can be found HERE. Over the coming months, Fluxergy will be rolling out more assay modalities specifically chemistry, immunochemistry and cytometry based tests out of the same system. Keep an eye out with our Blog for the latest news.

Each Fluxergy Card is designed to test one single sample, and each Fluxergy Analyzer is designed to power and read one test card at a time. For higher throughput applications, up to 255 Fluxergy analyzers can be daisy chained and controlled by a single computer interface using Fluxworks. More information about the platform can be found HERE.

The volume of sample required to run a test is assay dependent, though can typically vary from 10 to 150 microliters. Fixed volume capillary transfer pipettes automate sample handling for ease-of-use in each assay. For more information on the sample volume for different tests, please CLICK HERE and navigate to the specific test of interest.

Each Fluxergy Card is designed to run one to many different analytes. For PCR test cards, up to six different analytes can be run on a single test card. Fluxergy is also currently developing technology to combine multiple assay modalities on a single test card. Think of a test card capable of measuring HIV viral load and also conduct a CD4 count, the possibilities are endless!

The Fluxergy system can detect both DNA and RNA targets. This includes mRNA, miRNA, genomic DNA, etc.

The Fluxworks software suite allows for data to be displayed in a format consistent with the user needs. In cases where a simple “yes” or “no” result to a test is needed (e.g. in a point of care medical diagnostic) the technician read out mode provides a clear and concise report of the result. In research cases where raw data needs to be viewed, the developer mode gives a comprehensive set of data visualization tools to understand the assay being run. For PCR tests, in developer mode one can view amplification curves, melt curves, set threshold values for Cq and melt peak temperatures, along with a variety of other data analysis and visualization functions.

The system can be both. Depending on the assay being conducted, the test results can readout as a quantity of analyte or state simply whether the target is present. For more information on the specific output for different tests, please CLICK HERE and navigate to the specific test of interest.

The Fluxergy optical system is ideally suited for the following emission and excitation ranges:

Excitation λ Emission λ
497 nm 525 nm
615 nm 650 nm

Specific fluorophores for real-time PCR are FAM, SYBR, and Tex 615. Additional colors are easily added and available upon request.

For PCRs, Fluxergy assures reliability through use of positive and negative controls. Fluxergy can manage positive controls of the assay by either conducting melt curve analysis for correct amplicon confirmation utilizing the Fluxergy Analyzer’s high resolution melt curve capability, or through multiple hydrolysis probe detection.