Fluxergy's Chief Commercial Officer to Attend J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

By Fluxergy | Published on January 6, 2020

Fluxergy’s Chief Commercial Officer Dr. Ali Tinazli will be attending this year’s J P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, January 13th-16th, 2020 in San Francisco, California.

The healthcare investment symposium brings together industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, and innovative technology creators.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with Dr. Ali Tinazli during the conference, please reach out at atinazli@fluxergy.com.

About Fluxergy

Fluxergy is an emerging player with the mission to bring almost the entire testing market to the Point-of-Use and drive consumerization and democratization of testing. Our product is a unique testing ecosystem for multimodal and multiplex panel applications powered by an AI engine and cloud functionalities. 

The compact Fluxergy system can perform all major laboratory tests with three groundbreaking technologies:

Fluxergy Card – A highly integrated & manufacturable consumable.

Fluxergy Analyzer – A multi-sensor system that can run PCR, chemistry, immunochemistry, and cytometry-based assays

Fluxergy Works – A highly sophisticated user interface capable of analyzing and disseminating data to users.

Want to learn more? Schedule a meeting with Dr. Ali Tinazli at atinazli@fluxergy.com, for the week of January 13th-16th, 2020.

*Fluxergy’s products are for Research Use Only (RUO) and are not for use in diagnostic procedures. Fluxergy’s products are not yet cleared by the FDA or USDA for in vitro diagnostic use. None of the statements made on this website have been endorsed by the FDA or USDA.