Fluxergy Analyzer Wins 2019 iF Design Award

By Fluxergy | Published on October 5, 2019


The Fluxergy Analyzer has won a 2019 iF design award, one of the world’s most prestigious product design awards.

According to the judges of the iF Design Award, “The straightforward design stands out through its pleasant haptics and harmonious form language.”

The Award recognizes outstanding design in products and packaging. For the 2019 awards, there were over 6,300 entries from 52 countries. Fluxergy’s Mk12 Analyzer won an iF Design Award in the product category. We worked with world-renowned industrial designer Arman Emami to develop the Fluxergy Analyzer.

Highlights of the Fluxergy Analyzer

The Fluxergy Analyzer puts an entire laboratory inside of one device.

Imagine running a PCR panel, a complete blood count, and a quantitative protein measurement on one system. The Fluxergy Analyzer has been developed for PCR, chemistry-, immunochemistry- and cytometry-based testing.

Current human health tests under development include HIV-1, HCV, C-Diff, a respiratory panel, and CBC. Current veterinary tests include respiratory and enteric PCRs for equine use, in addition to the development of an inflammation panel and white blood count.

Fluxergy’s platform integrates microfluidics, multiple assay chemistries, and a smart multi-sensor device. The portable system allows for real-time PCR testing within 45 minutes in three simple steps:

Step 1: Mix the raw sample with the Fluxergy Buffer and dispense onto the Fluxergy Card.

Step 2: Insert the Fluxergy Card into the Fluxergy Analyzer.

Step 3: Read qualitative and quantitative results on the Fluxworks companion software.

Fluxergy’s microfluidic technology makes point-of-care diagnostics and universal health monitoring possible. Our platform allows for laboratory-grade accuracy in every setting.

To learn more about the Fluxergy Analyzer, visit us at www.fluxergy.com.

The Fluxergy Analyzer is for Research Use Only (RUO) and is not for use in diagnostic procedures. The Fluxergy Analyzer is not yet cleared by the FDA for diagnostic use.