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Our Story

Inspired by professional experiences gathered in the field of sensor development,
co-founders Tej Patel and Ryan Revilla asked the question: Why is there not a
better laboratory testing system on the market that can conduct a variety of tests at
the point-of-use?


Founded in 2013

Co-founder’s Tej Patel and Ryan Revilla thought they could improve outcomes by building an
inexpensive, point-of-use analyzer using Printed Circuit-Board (PCB) manufacturing technology. They
began to develop the very first Fluxergy prototype out of Ryan’s apartment in San Diego, California. It
was called the FluxDx1.

Initial investment round

Backed by leading tech investor

The showcase of the FluxDx1 device is what attracted the attention of Kingston Technology co-founder, John Tu.

He was impressed with the unique use of PCB manufacturing techniques used to create Fluxergy Cards and decided to make an investment into the company.

Our flagship test is developed

A novel way to test for HIV-1

Over 9 million people do not know they have HIV, globally. Additionally, millions do not have reliable access to tests that determine if anti-retroviral therapy is working effectively.

In 2015, Fluxergy started development on a novel point-of-care HIV-1 PCR assay with the goal of it bringing to resource-limited settings around the world.

Expanded technology applications

Infinite testing potential

The Fluxergy Analyzer delivers unlimited testing potential at the point-of-use.

First product launch

An entire lab in one device

After successfully testing our system with various collaborators, we are gearing up to launch our system to our Beta Program partners in veterinary health.*

Let’s make health testing accessible everywhere.

*The Fluxergy Analyzer is for Research use only (RUO) and is not for use in diagnostic procedures. The Fluxergy Analyzer is not yet cleared by the FDA or USDA for in vitro diagnostic use. None of the statements made on this website have been endorsed by the FDA or USDA.

Tej Patel


Tej oversees various aspects of Fluxergy’s strategy, marketing, and technical development. Before co-founding Fluxergy, Tej worked at MagCanica, managing engineering projects for various clients including the US Navy, Mercedes-Benz F1, and Porsche. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Aerospace Engineering as well as Applied Mathematics, and a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering with a specialization in fluid dynamics from the University of California, San Diego.

Ryan Revilla

Vice President

Ryan is responsible for leading manufacturing and technical development of Fluxergy’s products. Prior to co-founding Fluxergy, Ryan worked at MagCanica where he developed and managed several products for clients including Ferrari F1, RedBull F1, the US Air Force, GE Aviation, and United Technologies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of California, San Diego as well as a Master’s of Science from University of California, Los Angeles in Mechanical Engineering.

Jonathan Tu

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan joined the Fluxergy three-component in 2013 and has been responsible for all financing activities, from budgets to the books. He also oversees operational management of the company’s day to day activities. Prior to joining Fluxergy, Jonathan was an Ambassador for the Bowers Museum foundation in Santa Ana. Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Chapman University in Southern California.

Dr. Ali Tinazli

Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Ali Tinazli joined Fluxergy in October 2019. He oversees all commercial operations, strategic planning, business development, sales, and strategic partnerships. Prior to his role at Fluxergy as Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Ali Tinazli led the corporate-wide, global strategy for Healthcare and Life Sciences for Hewlett-Packard (HP Inc.). He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from J.W. Goethe University in Germany. After receiving his Ph.D., Ali worked in Corporate Development at Applied Biosystems (now: Thermo Fisher). He also currently serves as angel investor and board member at various start-ups ranging from cybersecurity to oncology.

Bernd Schnell

General Manager - Europe

Bernd is a seasoned venture capitalist with expertise in the global technology sector. He has funded startups in various industries and implements a hands-on approach to providing strategic corporate development. He currently works as a business development consultant for Kingston in Europe and is the executive director at Schnell Consult GmbH. He received his Dipl.- Kfm. from Goethe University in Management and Marketing.

Dr. Randolph Seidler

General Manager - Europe

Dr. Seidler is an experienced executive in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and vaccine industry with a strong focus in bringing innovative medicines to the market. He has a proven track record of building sustainable product pipelines from external and internal sources and has successfully developed and implemented R&D and business development strategies built around innovation, agility, profitability and quality.

Dr. Davey Smith

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr. Smith is a world-renowned thought-leader and researcher in HIV/AIDS research. He works both at the UCSD Antiviral Research Center and in his laboratory on the UCSD campus, where he performs bench research. His primary research focus is on the transmission of HIV, including HIV superinfection, molecular epidemiology and characterizing HIV shed from the genital tract. These studies are in pursuit to understand the drivers of HIV transmission and disease and to find new ways to interrupt them.

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Beta Inquiries

If you are an innovative veterinary clinic or university and would like to order a Fluxergy Analyzer through our Beta Program, please click on the button below or contact us directly and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


We work with assay developers to implement new and novel tests on our products. If you would like to get in touch with us regarding your project reach out to us directly at:

Email: info@fluxergy.com Phone: +1(949) 305-4201 or
*Fluxergy’s products are for Research Use Only (RUO) and are not for use in diagnostic procedures. Fluxergy’s products are not yet cleared by the FDA or USDA for in vitro diagnostic use. None of the statements made on this website have been endorsed by the FDA or USDA.