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Beta Program

Beta Program Guidelines

The Beta Program is a pilot testing program for equine health professionals to use our stall-side laboratory device. You will be an exclusive partner with Fluxergy that helps further point-of-care diagnostics in the equine community. You will:

  • • Be an initial user in 2020
  • • Gain a free trial and validation period to ensure the platform fits your lab's performance specifications
  • • Collaborate with us on new applications and be part of a 360 degree feedback process
  • • Share testing data for powered research
  • • Be part of higher-level discussions that further stall-side diagnostics with community of thought leaders


Beta Launch

Streptococcus equi Subspecies equi qPCR Mastermix

Independent Validation was conducted at the Equine Infectious Disease Research Laboratory, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis using Fluxergy Analyzer. Available early 2020 for preliminary beta program users.

See the Data

Additional PCR Mastermixes

Working to Develop Additional Tests for Stall-side Use

We are developing additional singleplex PCR mastermixes for use with the Fluxergy Analyzer. These assays will undergo independent validation by the Equine Infectious Disease Research Laboratory. To be released in 2020.

Inflammation Panel

Test for Common Markers of Inflammation

Our lateral flow laboratory is designing a panel for common markers of equine inflammation. To be released in 2020.

Multiplex PCR Panels

Test for Multiple DNA or RNA Targets with a Single Test

Our multiplex PCR panels will offer fast and accurate results for multiple gene targets.

Cell Counts

Complete Blood Counts and More – Coming Soon

We are designing advanced machine learning algorithms to give an accurate blood count and differential.

What's Included

Fluxergy Analyzer
What’s Included:
  • Free hardware and software updates
  • Fluxworks software license
  • Portable and rugged case
  • Premium customer support
  • Workflow materials
  • 90-minute training session
Fluxergy Testing Ecosystem
Fluxergy Card
  • Fluxergy Card with packaging
Fluxergy Prep
  • 15 Swabs
  • 15 Sample Buffers
  • 15 Smart Pipettes
Fluxergy PCR Mastermix
  • 10 Streptococcus equi Subsp. equi - PCR Mastermix and Pipette
  • 10 Equine Herpesvirus 1 - PCR Mastermix* and Pipette

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