Fluxergy’s Partnership with SoCal Equine Hospital

How Dr. Paul Wan DVM, Diplomate ACVS, CERT. VBM and his team have contributed to the development of the Fluxergy Point-of-Care Diagnostics Platform. 

SoCal Equine Hospital is just a 40-minute drive down the 91 freeway from Fluxergy’s R&D and manufacturing campus, and in the last 5 years the relationship between the doctors, scientists, and engineers at both facilities has developed into a close partnership focused on improving care for SoCal Equine’s patients. 

For the last decade, Fluxergy has been working to create a highly accurate, accelerated, and more affordable multimodal testing platform to detect and measure biological and pathogenic data. One important focus of that work has been the veterinary equine industry, where accurate point-of-care testing can deliver significant benefits to doctors, owners, and their horses. 

As the first equine hospital to facilitate beta testing of Fluxergy’s platform, SoCal Equine’s continuous feedback on their specific needs and the usability of the Fluxergy platform have deepened both organizations’ understanding of the challenges and opportunities for improving testing and diagnosis in the equine veterinary profession. 

The founder of SoCal Equine Hospital, Dr. Paul Wan, began his veterinary career in 1989 specializing in equine health, wellness, and surgery. After finishing his residency at the University of Tennessee, he founded his practice in Southern California in 1996. Dr. Wan has always loved working with horses. He admires their grace and beauty and enjoys working with the owners to help them understand the health care needs of their beloved mounts. 

“Education is a large part of our practice. As we improve our care through newer technologies and diagnostics such as Fluxergy, we can better educate our clients on what might be causing the problem,” says Dr. Wan. “Medicine is ever-evolving, and it’s important to stay curious and continue looking for answers.” 

From filming to interviews, Dr. Wan and Dr. Christina Garloff, DVM CVMA, CERP have made themselves available for Fluxergy to dive deep into the equine world to better understand the day-to-day life of the equine veterinary professional. 

Pictured: SoCal Equine Hospital Founder Dr. Paul Wan DVM, Diplomate ACVS, CERT. VBM

Point-of-Care PCR Testing for Biosurveillance 

Currently, SoCal Equine uses the Fluxergy platform to test for environmental Salmonella, which gives confidence in biosecurity conditions within the hospital. 

“Fluxergy seems to be on the forefront of diagnostic capabilities with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).” Dr. Wan continues, “PCR is quick, important in preventing environmental contamination. Some animals may have bacterial infections when they come to the hospital, and confirming the environment is clean after infected patients, especially after surgery, is wonderful because it puts my mind at ease. Cleaning protocols alone are only good until the bacteria become immune to the chemicals and cross-contaminations-contamination happens.” Dr. Wan explains. 

In addition to providing confidence in safe biosecurity conditions, the Fluxergy platform also saves time and hassle in testing.  

“The biggest challenge in current testing is being under a time crunch to package up the samples after they are taken and ensure FedEx receives them in time for express shipping,” says Dr. Wan. 

The Fluxergy Platform significantly reduces the time and cost of sampling and running tests. Current laboratory testing processes can take 3 to 5 days for the physician to receive results. During this time, veterinarians must treat symptomatically and isolate the horse to prevent the spread of a possible infection. 

Wait Time Becomes Difficult for Owners Financially and Emotionally 

“Until we receive test results and can confirm or deny the presence of Salmonella, we are treating symptomatically and isolating every horse that has diarrhea or respiratory symptoms.” Dr. Wan remarked, “Unfortunately, this causes the bills to increase quite a bit for the owner. Owners also become more worried and anxious when they can’t see their horses during isolation.” 

Dr. Wan continues, “With the Fluxergy platform, sampling and running a test can be complete within a few hours. This quick test turnaround may allow for faster diagnosis and treatment, decreasing the emotional and financial toll on the client.” 

Knowledge of PCR technology has increased across the public after the development and use of COVID-19 PCR tests, which enabled fast and accurate test results. As a result, the use of PCR in equine is exciting for all involved parties. “Clients are excited about what PCR could mean, and for them, that is a faster diagnosis,” says Dr. Wan. 

Fluxergy’s Stall-Side Laboratory Technology Could Extend Testing Beyond the Hospital 

Recently, Dr. Wan and SoCal Equine helped stop the spread of a respiratory outbreak among a wild herd of 400 donkeys in Moreno Valley. The outbreak resulted in about 65 deaths, and to contain the spread of the virus, SoCal Equine team members captured groups from the herd to take samples. Once influenza was confirmed, SoCal Equine captured the donkeys again to administer vaccines, boosting immunity within the herd. In a case like this, a quick stall-side laboratory testing platform would be able to cut testing time dramatically. 

“Rather than trying to go through the stress of capturing and releasing 2 to 3 times while sampling, we could have sampled, tested, diagnosed, and administered vaccines in one capture and release by being able to test in-house,” says Dr. Wan. In this instance, time savings provided by point-of-care testing could allow for faster administration of vaccines, reducing the spread of illness and death count within the herd. 

Fluxergy is fortunate to have SoCal Equine Hospital as part of its core equine family to help advance tools that improve bioanalytic data accessibility for patient care. As of March 2022, Fluxergy platforms have been placed at 12 locations across the U.S. and Europe. Fluxergy is working alongside several practices to refine and improve current and future Fluxergy products.  

The Fluxergy Environmental Salmonella PCR assay is now available, with the launch of additional assays soon to follow. Fluxergy will expand the platform’s bioanalytic assay capabilities in the coming years to improve testing and treatment for general wellness, biosecurity, reproduction, and sports medicine related applications. 

2022 Test Assay Pipeline  

  • streptococcus equi. subsp. equi PCR 
  • equine herpesvirus 1 PCR 
  • equine inflammation panel (SAA, Fibrinogen) immunochemistry 
  • equine influenza virus PCR 
  • equine respiratory panel (s. equi ss equi, EIV, EHV-4, EHV-1) PCR 
Pictured: SoCal Equine Hospital Founder, Dr. Paul Wan (left) and Camille Weststeyn, Veterinarian Technician (right)


Dr. Wan graduated from the University of Georgia in 1989 and later completed his surgical residency at the University of Tennessee. He is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. He is well versed in all major fields of surgery: soft tissue, orthopedics, laparoscopic, and laser.  

Along with his surgical interests, he has spent many years honing his skills as a lameness expert. Dr. Wan is well versed in diagnosing and treating all types of lameness problems. He has continually sought to learn from the best in the country as well as around the world. This has given him a highly respected reputation among his peers and clients. Dr. Wan is an active member of AVMA, ACVS, AAEP, CVMA, and ISLEP. 

About Fluxergy 

We are engineers, scientists, and collaborators dedicated to simplifying diagnostic testing through advanced technology that delivers better information for a healthier world.  

Fluxergy has grown to 100+ employees who share the goal of creating a future where access to better technologies for fast, accurate, and reliable lab-quality analytics is commonplace and affordable everywhere. Real-time data collection and end-to-end product traceability employed throughout the connected QMS, ERP, and shop-floor systems reflect Fluxergy’s dedication to quality. In addition, our highly automated and modular manufacturing process, conducted in the new state-of-the-art facility in Irvine, CA, allows us to bring new products to market quickly and efficiently. 

Founded in 2012 by Ryan Revilla and Tej Patel, Fluxergy is an ISO 13485, CE-IVD, MDSAP, GMP certified medical device manufacturer based in Irvine, CA. 


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