Monitor your products during their full lifecycle with laboratory-grade sensitivity.

Technology that makes treatment fast and better.

Reference laboratory testing for burdensome pathogens like salmonella and listeria
take up to 3 days to get a result back. Production plants are forced to swab, sanitize
and recall product if there is an outbreak because lab results come back only after
the product has left the facility.

With the low-cost Fluxergy system, facilities can be swabbed, sanitized, and tested
before returning to production such that risk of contaminated product is mitigated.
Preventative screening can eliminate bad PR.

Growing Test Menu

Expand your current lab catalog and offer patients a rapid solution.

Rapid Results

Achieve sample-to-answer testing in 45 minutes or less.

Adaptable Technology

PCR, Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Cytometry all in one.

No Sample Preparation

Unique built-in properties eliminate sample preparation completely.

Small Footprint

The Fluxergy device can fit into any lab space.


Achieve reliable results in three simple steps.

Three Components

Fluxergy Analyzer

Our core device, the Fluxergy Analyzer, is a highly-integrated sensor system along with our sophisticated analysis algorithms. The Fluxergy Analyzer can give accurate results for laboratory analyses such as PCR, ELISA, ISE, and cytometry based assays.

Fluxergy Card

The Fluxergy Card is a disposable test cartridge designed specifically for each type of laboratory test. All analyte specific reagents are onboard. All sample purification, extraction and processing is automated by the card.


Fluxworks is the companion software for the Fluxergy Analyzer. The software can be used on any PC, Mac, or tablet. It can control multiple devices and multiple tests simultaneously. Results are interpreted for the user.

1. Collect

Collect a sample and mix with the
supplied Fluxergy Buffer.

2. Test

Add sample and buffer mixture to
selected Fluxergy Card, then insert
into Fluxergy Analyzer.

3. Detect

Once completed, analyze and
extrapolate test results.

Partner with Us

If you have a new application that will change your industry, partner with us. We
are looking for innovative partners to develop disruptive tests for medical,
veterinary, food safety, and research.

Partner with Us

Pain Points: Solved

No Complicated Logistics

Simplify and streamline your diagnostic workflow.

Conventional centralized laboratory testing requires sample shipment and processing where the former can take days depending on time and place.

Quicker Actionable Results

Improve patient prognoses with same hour patient therapy.

The Fluxergy product suite allows for sample-to-answer PCR testing within 45 minutes. Enable fast action during a potentially infectious or critical time point.

Better Patient Health

From one drop of sample, gain access to vital information.

Patient-centered healthcare and optimized treatment first involves expedited and accurate diagnosis. Fluxergy makes this process easier with a product suite that works.

A Quick Comparison

Fluxergy’s system has several advantages when compared to traditional laboratory testing, specifically time, cost, ease-of-use, and confidence of quality early-on in processes. By having one system that can test for pathogenic microorganisms (e. coli “Big 6”, salmonella, campylobacter, listeria), allergens, and chemicals, the product can be monitored at a higher sampling rate for the same cost.

Fluxergy Analyzer

30 Minutes to Result
  • Point-of-Care: Yes
  • Indirect Costs: Yes
  • Test Kit Price: $
  • Faster Patient Treatment: Yes

Central Laboratory

1-5 Days to Result
  • Point-of-Care: No
  • Shipping & Logistics: Yes
  • Test Kit Price: $$$
  • Faster Patient Treatment: NO

*Reflects PCR-based testing.