Our partners are a collection of innovative
researchers and industry leaders that want to take
a stance for better diagnostics.

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Partner with us to develop new ways of

We are actively looking for global leaders in the medical, animal health, food
safety, and environmental testing industries that want to be on the cutting edge
of laboratory testing.

Working with partners to improve the lives of patients through diagnostics.

We are striving to lower the barrier to patient results by reducing cost, turnaround time, and uncertainty.

Fluxergy is making distributed healthcare a reality by providing a point-of-care device capable of comprehensive laboratory testing. We aim to remove the need for multiple expensive instruments by creating a single device that can run PCR, chemistry, immunochemistry, and cytometry-based assays.

Fluxergy works with various medical and pharmaceutical institutions for the purpose of improving diagnostic testing. We are in active development of assays for HIV-1 Viral Load, Hepatitis C, and Rabies.

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Providing comprehensive answers to animal health with immediate results.

Fluxergy aims to bring diagnostic testing to the point-of-care, so veterinarians can treat patients more effectively.

We work with industry leaders in veterinary medicine to develop and implement high-value assays. Our initial focus in equine diagnostics is allowing us to successfully develop PCR-, immunochemistry-, and cytometry-based assays.

Browse our available tests for equine, by visiting www.fluxergy.com/equine. Furthermore, if you are looking to join us in our mission to revolutionize diagnostics, then fill out the above form and we will reach out to you.

Prevent foodborne illness with rapid and affordable pathogen detection.

Each year foodborne illness leads to over 120,000 hospitalizations in the United States. Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, Salmonella and E. coli, among other common pathogens, need to be tested on-farm or during processing, distribution, and storage.

Rather than relying on centralized laboratories for time-critical results, establish quality assurance checkpoints along your product pipeline with a compact system that can test for a custom set of biological and chemical targets. Fluxergy is looking for partners that seek to mitigate risk for their retailers and customers while growing profits.

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Translate your breakthroughs to the field where they can have the most impact.

Years may pass before findings from original research become part of implementation in the intended use setting. Further, it can be difficult to convert an innovative benchtop assays to a point-of-use test that can be administered close to sample collection with minimal steps and cost.

The Fluxergy system allows for open hardware, software and biochemistry development. Set custom parameters and target novel chemical and biological markers with a cost-effective and simple workflow. We have successfully implemented custom benchtop assays onto our system across multiple applications.

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Our Technology

Fluxergy’s point of care technology gives results directly from raw
sample. View our technology page to learn more about how the platform
can benefit your practice.

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