Fluxergy Solutions

Expedite critical results with Fluxergy’s sample-to-answer testing suite.

The Fluxergy System

A single device instead of an entire laboratory.

The Fluxergy system replaces an entire laboratory with a compact, multipurpose platform that provides reliable results on-site within 15-30 minutes from sample collection: a stage win for laboratory testing.

Rapid testing with a small footprint

Obtain actionable answers with immediate turnaround times on a platform that fits in the palm of your hand. A consolidated workflow makes laboratory testing possible at the point-of-use.

The most versatile platform on the market

The Fluxergy system is the only platform on the market that combines NAAT, chemistry, immunochemistry and cytometry based testing into a single box.

Performance is now affordable

Increase margins even at low volumes. A new approach to design and technology makes testing a fraction of the cost compared to current alternatives.

Fluxergy Card

The Fluxergy Card is a complex microfluidic and electrical system manufactured with multiple layers of plastic and proprietary materials. This integrated electro-fluidic system handles all sample preparation, negating the need for additional equipment. The technologies found in the Fluxergy Card were developed in-house and have been designed to be highly scalable, modular, and cost effective.

Fluxergy Analyzer

Our core device, the Fluxergy Analyzer, is a highly-integrated sensor system along with our sophisticated analysis algorithms.

The Fluxergy Analyzer can give detailed and accurate results for typical laboratory analyses such as PCR, ELISA, ISE, and cytometry based assays.


Utilizing today's connected infrastructure and the internet of things, Fluxergy has developed a powerful software suite. Fluxworks is capable of advanced laboratory analytic functions as well as supporting the decision-making process driven by laboratory data.

How it works

The Fluxergy system simplifies point-of-use testing into three quick steps.



Collect a sample and mix with supplied Fluxergy Buffer.



Add sample and buffer mixture to selected Fluxergy Card.



Insert Fluxergy Card into the Fluxergy Analyzer and run test.


Bringing open source assay development to your industry.

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Beta Program

Join the Fluxergy Beta Program to gain access to point-of-care PCR. Explore our current test menu and pre-order your Fluxergy Analyzer today.

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Work with the Fluxergy Applications Lab to address your testing needs. Contact us to learn more about how Fluxergy can be your diagnostic and assay development partner.

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