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Confirm with sample to answer infectious
disease testing in 45 minutes.

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Bringing your lab to the point-of-care

Whether it is diagnosing patients stall-side, at the clinic, or in the trailer, the Fluxergy Analyzer Beta provides sample to answer PCR testing within the hour. Treat with confidence and assess biosecurity risk by having immediate answers. Join our Beta program today to conduct PCRs inhouse.


No Complicated Logistics

Simplify and streamline your diagnostic workflow.

Central laboratory testing requires sample shipment and processing and can take 3 days to get a patient’s results. Fluxergy tests can be run next to the patient.

Quicker Actionable Results

Improve patient prognoses with same hour therapy

The Fluxergy product suite allows for sample-to-answer PCR testing within 45 minutes. Enable fast action during a critical time point.

Better Patient Treatment

From one drop of sample, gain access to vital information

Vets can avoid empirical therapies by knowing the root cause of distress upon admission. Know what the infection is so the proper treatment can be implemented.


Time to result:
30 Minutes
  • Average Test Cost: $
  • Point-of-Care: Yes
Centralized Laboratory
Time to result:
1-5 Days
  • Average Test Cost: $$
  • Point-of-Care: No

*Reflects PCR-based testing.


Gain access to our point-of-care platform for veterinary and RUO testing.

A simple workflow translates raw sample to a gold standard result. Test for diseases like HIV-1, salmonella, equine herpesvirus, and canine influenza in less than 45 minutes. Put an end to the wait from central laboratories and get results now.

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