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About Us

Fluxergy started 10 years ago by Ryan Revilla and Tej Patel with a vision to democratize the world of laboratory testing, by making testing more accessible and affordable. Fluxergy’s platform technology enables us to understand our world and our health in ways which were never possible before. Fluxergy’s core guiding principles are: 


All the technologies we build are scalable and accessible. Reducing price barriers and democratizing laboratory testing is key to our future.


We want to do every lab test you can imagine in the palm of your handenabling anyone the ability to understand their world better.


Doing more tests faster lets us collect data to better understand the world around us. We want to help make sense of all that information. 

John Tu joined the Fluxergy team as the primary investor allowing Fluxergy to leverage his team’s knowledge and experience in the semiconductor industry to support Fluxergy’s scale up, enabling our ability to create scalable low-cost technologies anyone can use.   

Since Fluxergy has started, we have grown from a team of three in a garage to 80+ employees at Fluxergy’s technology and manufacturing campus totaling 70,000 sq. ft, cGMP-compliant and ISO13485:2016/MDSAP-certified. Our combined 27000 sq. ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and 16000 sq. ft. innovation development facility allow Fluxergy to continually develop new and exciting technologies that bring the lab closer to you.

Dr. Z and Mike
Fluxergy Scientist Claire Chen in front of a wall of Fluxergy Analyzers

Company Profile

Fluxergy is developing a platform with multi-modal detection technologies which bring the variety of tests found in the central lab to the palm of your hand – This includes molecular testing like PCR, Immunochemistry and chemistry testing, and microscopy testing such as cytometryFluxergy’s platform vision is the detection of genes, proteins, small molecules, and cells with the same analyzer. The automated, sample-to-answer workflows can be customized for specific sample and testing methods. 

Fluxergy’s platform can potentially be used in a variety of markets including human diagnostics: our first-ever COVID-19 RT-PCR RUO assay has a one-hour turn-around-time. We are also exploring testing applications in the environmental, forensics, food and beverage, and veterinary industry (specifically the equine market).

Our Core Technologies:

PCR Fluxergy Card for Laboratory Testing

Fluxergy Card

A disposable microfluidic test card capable of simultaneously running multiple different laboratory tests concurrently. Allowing for panels in the future of potentially up to 30 different analytes.

Fluxergy Analyzer - MK13 Laboratory Testing Device

Fluxergy Analyzer

An integrated multi-sensor system capable of measuring various analytes using different measurement methods such as colorimetric, florescence, potentiometry and more. 

Fluxergy Works PCR Curve Laboratory Testing Software

Fluxergy Works

Fluxergy’s software system to interpret and disseminate test data.

We have a mission to keep expanding our RUO product portfolio while seeking appropriate regulatory compliance toward multiplex and multimodal testing like respiratory panels and additional segments in chronic care management such as test panels for kidney health, chronic inflammation, and general well-being.

We have a vision to make our testing platform accessible to all our partners. The open platform architecture of the Fluxergy analyzer enables us to import already established third-party test chemistries and to develop new applications as part of open innovation programs with partners. This de facto “open access” has the potential to enable Point-of-Need across industry verticals. Furthermore, the massive decentralization of cost-effective testing at the Point-of-Need will go along with advances in telemedicine and IoT networks in healthcare.

Key Members of Our Team

Tej Patel, President and Co-Founder

Ryan Revilla, Vice President and Co-Founder

Jonathan Tu, Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder​

Dr. Ali Tinazli, Chief Commercial Officer

Bernd Schnell, General Manager - Europe

Mariusz Banaszczyk, PhD Associate Director, Molecular Production

Julie Manchester, Director of Quality

Kung Sung, Director of IT

Pramod Naranatt, PhD, PMP, Associate Director, Molecular Assay Development

Shrin Kuo, PhD, MBA Associate Director, of Lateral Flow Assay Development


Advisory Board

Investor & Advisory Board

John Tu, CEO and Co-Founder of Kingston Technology

Professor Davey Smith, MD​, MAS, FACP, FIDSA

Dr. Randolph Seidler, VMD, MBA

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Our Corporate Campus

Fluxergy’s Campus is 70,000 sqft and contains a state-of-the-art microfluidic manufacturing facility as well as technology excellence centers. 

Our Manufacturing Center, 15 Musick

Our Research And Development Facility, 13766 Alton Pkwy

Fluxergy US Headqyarters

Our Corporate Headquarters, 30 Fairbanks

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