Better Health Testing Through
Disruptive Technology

A portable platform that consolidates testing to one device.

Technology that allows you to make
critical decisions faster.

The Fluxergy Analyzer’s ability to test with multiple assay types provides a
strategic advantage over traditional laboratory testing technology. The
system combines patented microfluidics with advanced sensor systems, so
users can obtain rapid and accurate results at the point-of-care.

Growing Test Menu

Expand your current lab catalog and offer patients a rapid solution.

Rapid Results

Achieve sample-to-answer testing in 45 minutes or less.

Adaptable Technology

PCR, Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Cytometry all in one.

No sample preparation

Unique built-in properties eliminate sample preparation completely.

Small Footprint

The Fluxergy device can fit into any lab space.


Achieve reliable results in three simple steps.

Three Components

Our core device, the Fluxergy Analyzer, is a highly-integrated sensor system along with our sophisticated
analysis algorithms. The Fluxergy Analyzer can give accurate results for laboratory analyses such as
PCR, ELISA, ISE, and cytometry based assays.

Ruggedized Exterior Casing

The Fluxergy Analyzer features a smooth monocoque casing that is both lightweight and robust. Now you can test patient-side without the worry of a system that can’t handle your work.

Active Cooling System

For our Fluxergy PCR tests, the active cooling system allows the Fluxergy Analyzer to rapidly manipulate the subjected sample to significantly decrease test times.

Quick Battery Hookup

Whether you are in a resource-limited setting or at a high-tech laboratory, the Fluxergy Analyzer can always have power. Simply hook up a compatible battery pack and realize the portability of the Fluxergy Analyzer system.

The Fluxergy Card is a disposable test cartridge designed specifically for each type of laboratory test.
Traditional sample processing steps are automated by mechanical and fluidic
components on the card.

Integrated Loading Port

The integrated loading port with lid (ILP) allows for quick and effortless sample input. The Fluxergy Card’s ILP also features our True Seal technology, so once closed, the Fluxergy card becomes a fully self-contained cartridge negating the possibility of any sample contamination.

Multi-Target System

The Fluxergy Card utilizes an aerospace-grade sample targeting system that allows for multiplexing up to 6 test targets. Visit our test menus for a full list of our currently available tests.

Easy-Link Technology

Easy-Link Technology allows the Fluxergy Card to be as versatile as you are. Test using various modalities such as PCR, Chemistry, Immunochemistry and more. Just insert the Fluxergy Card into the Fluxergy Analyzer and the on-board computer will auto-recognize the test type.

Fluxworks is the companion software for the Fluxergy Analyzer. The software can be used on any PC, Mac,
or tablet. It can control multiple devices and run multiple tests simultaneously. Results are
interpreted for the user.

Printable Results Output

Fluxworks makes it easy to receive results in a physical format. All reports can be easily exported as a PDF then printed or emailed for both internal or external use.

Cloud Access Enabled

Gain access to Fluxworks whether at the point of use or on-the-go. Fluxworks allows users to utilize the full functionality of the platform over the internet. Just login at the Fluxergy user portal and run Fluxworks.

Technology that allows for
infinite testing potential

Imagine running a PCR panel, complete blood count, and a quantitative protein
measurement on a single system.




Clinical Chemistry


Because infectious diseases spread faster than
traditional laboratory testing.

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Horses shouldn’t suffer when the technology
exists for immediate laboratory results.

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Food Safety

Ensure the food that we eat is
safe and high-quality.

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Our Manufacturing Process

We leverage printed circuit board manufacturing to make low-cost
diagnostic consumables. Our products are designed to offer a seamless user
experience from sample to answer. Fluxergy enables gold-standard quality
results at the point of use.

Made in USA

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