Our Company

We are a team of engineers and scientists changing the landscape of point-of use testing.

Our Story

It all started with one question. Why is there not a better diagnostic system on the market that can conduct tests directly at the patient’s location? By adopting new technologies from the microfluidic and PCB printing industry, our team has come up with innovative concepts and solutions to tackle a complex problem found in a wide array of industries.

Fluxergy makes it possible for rapid results and decisions to be made where it matters most: a quantum leap for laboratory-grade testing in medicine, agriculture and a variety of other industries.

One point-of-use instrument to rule them all.

About Us

Fluxergy was started with the goal of creating easily accessible point-of-use laboratory testing, by bringiing the laboratory to people who need it. From healthcare practitioners looking for point-of-care testing to environmental scientist trying to do studies in the field, we are working hard to develop new technologies that will allow these doers the ability to bring advanced point-of-use laboratory testing to their industry

Fluxergy was started by a dedicated team of engineers and scientist is sunny Southern California who hold true to this mission and are excited to continue pushing the limits of our technology to make laboratory testing more accessible.

Our Mission

We apply modular diagnostic technologies to provide accurate
answers at the point-of-use.