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Fluxergy provides a solution that eliminates the Friday dilemma of waiting for lab results on the weekend. Design and build PCR tests at your practice that give you results within 1 hour.

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*Fluxergy does not sell diagnostic test kits for human or animals and no Fluxergy products have been cleared or approved by the FDA or USDA for any use. Fluxergy’s current product offerings are limited to individual laboratory components for use by experienced professional users in developing their own laboratory tests for research or animal use.

What Experts Say about the Fluxergy Platform


At Fluxergy, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, flexible stall-side platform for equine veterinary medicine. We are designing a platform that can  run every major test type:

Fluxergy Laboratory Ecosystem

Setting up your own lab with PCR testing capability has never been easier.  For research use, you can purchase the Fluxergy Analyzer, Fluxergy Cards and non-diagnostic PCR Master Mixes. Fluxergy Works is included with the purchase of the Fluxergy Analyzer.

Fluxergy Reaction Mix

DNA or RNA-specific primer and probe sets that allow you to develop tests for genes of microbes, viruses, and more.

Fluxergy Card

A single-use, highly integrated consumable, allowing for rapid PCR results and simplifying tedious traditional workflows.

Fluxergy Analyzer 

The Fluxergy Analyzer is a multi-functional lab device that can conduct real-time PCRs and more.

Fluxergy Works 

Our cybersecure user interface capable of analyzing and disseminating data to users.

How to run a Fluxergy PCR

Easily perform a PCR test in your lab with Fluxergy’s compact analyzer in 60 minutes.

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1. Place Prepared Sample into Fluxergy Card

FluxergyAnalyzer - mk 12 icon

2. Insert Fluxergy Card into Fluxergy Analyzer

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3. Get PCR Results in 60 Minutes

Easy to Understand Results

In a real-time PCR assay, a positive detection of target nucleic acid is confirmed by accumulation of a fluorescent signal after the specific target DNA is amplified. Fluxergy Works software will output a qualitative positive, negative, or indeterminate result from your PCR test. This is determined by sensors that look for amplification/presence of the target gene (solid line) and an internal control target (dashed line). The internal control target monitors sample integrity and system functionality. If an indeterminate result occurs, it is recommended that you retest your sample.

Positive Result

Both the target gene and positive control are amplified.

Negative Result

Only the positive control target was amplified.

Products Available and in Development


Available and In Development

Fluxergy Analyzer MK 12.1

Fluxergy Analyzer MK 13

Test Cards

Available and In Development

Fluxergy PCR Card

Fluxergy LFA Card

Fluxergy PCR and LFA Combination Card

Fluxergy Cytometry Card

Non-Diagnostic RUO Primer/Probe Reagent Targets

Available and In Development

Streptococcus Equi Subsp. Equi DNA

Salmonella SPP. Environmental DNA

Clostridium Perfringens Toxin A DNA

Equine Coronavirus DNA

Clostridium Perfringens Toxin B DNA

Neorickettsia Risticii DNA

Clostridium Difficile Toxin A DNA

Equine Herpesvirus 1 DNA

Clostridium Perfringens Toxin CPE DNA

Equine Herpesvirus 4 DNA

Lawsonia Intracellularis DNA

Equine Influenza Virus DNA

Immunochemistry Tests

In Development

Inflammation Panel

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